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Why Plants are better than Meat ?

Dogs are omnivorous and can lead a very healthy and happy life being on a plant-based diet; credit goes to thousands of years of evolution alongside humans. Dogs have adapted to plant-based foods long early in their domestication. Our modern dogs can efficiently utilize all of their nutrients from plant-based sources and plants are certainly better than meat, why? Take a moment to read!

  1. A novel source of nutrients approved by vets.

    More and more vets are recommending a plant-based diet over a meat-based diet for dogs as plant-based ingredients are allergy-friendly, improves digestibility, and are equipped with natural antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. A plant-based diet is beneficial to avoid and cure chronic health diseases like cancer, diabetes, obesity, and heart problems. 

  1. Better for our planet!

    Compared to a meat-based diet, plants require less energy, land, and water to produce. Meat also has greater environmental consequences in terms of erosion, pesticides, and waste. 77% of the agricultural land is used for producing meat & dairy which provides only 18% calories and 37% protein for global consumption while plant-based food use only 23% agricultural land and provides 86% calories and 63% protein in return. Meat, dairy & eggs are responsible for 83% of greenhouse emissions from food. Meat-eating by cats and dogs is responsible for 64 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions per year which is equivalent to carbon dioxide produced from driving 13.6 million cars for a year!

  1. Contains all the essential nutrients your dog needs.

    A well-formulated plant-based diet like Freshwoof contains all the essential nutrients your dog’s body requires including proteins & amino acids, vitamins & minerals, essential fats along with natural antioxidants and phytonutrients while avoiding huge amounts of harmful antibiotics, growth hormones, and saturated fats. 


  1. Plants contain no antibiotics and growth hormones.

    80% of the world’s antibiotics are used in factory farming, injected into animals to keep them alive and growing in unnaturally crowded, unhygienic, and contaminated conditions. According to scientists this huge amount of antibiotics when consumed through meat can create antibiotic resistance in us and our pets. Growth hormones are used to make the animals grow more quickly and even the trace residue of these hormones can disrupt the pet’s normal hormone secretions.


  1. Plants are kind 

    Billions of animals in the factory farms suffer in the dark and endure constant fear and torment to be ultimately killed by slitting their throats or are shot dead or ground alive to be served as so-called “foods”. A plant-based diet can save these sentient beings from the horrors of the meat and dairy industry
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