Why Baked Dog Food Is A Smart Choice For Your Dog!
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Why Baked Dog Food Is A Smart Choice For Your Dog!

As pet parents we always strive to provide the best nutrition to our pets making sure they lead a happy, healthy and long life. Nutrition isn't just about filling up the food bowl, it's about nourishing our furry friends from the inside out. Making informed choices about what goes into their bowls is a proactive way to ensure they lead happy, healthy, and long lives by our sides. And today we will introduce to a wholesome alternative to traditional kibble – “Oven Baked” food for dogs!


What is Oven Baked and why it is better than traditional extruded dog food?

Oven-baked dog food is exactly what it sounds like – baked in the oven. Oven cooking is a gentle and slower process which is done in small batches. The oven-baking process allows for extra time and meticulous quality control, which we at Freshwoof value greatly when it comes to nourishing our furry friends.


1) Preserving Natural Nutrient of the Food:

Gently baked oven dog food is prepared at lower temperatures compared to traditional extrusion methods. This ensures that essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals remain intact during the cooking process. The slow and careful baking technique helps retain the nutritional value of the natural food, providing a wholesome and balanced meal for your dog. While in other form i.e. Extruded dog food, maximum amount of natural nutrients of the food get destroyed during the process involving high heat and pressure.

2) Enhanced Digestibility:

The gentle baking process also promotes increased digestibility. By preserving the natural structure of ingredients, the food becomes more digestible for dogs, reducing the likelihood of upset stomachs, gas, or other digestive issues. This is particularly beneficial for dogs with sensitive stomachs or those prone to allergies. Freshwoof's oven-baked dog food has demonstrated its gentleness, making it suitable for dogs who have more sensitive stomach and immune system.

3) Improved Palatability:

The gentle baking method enhances the flavor and aroma of the food. The slow cooking process allows the ingredients to develop a rich and savory taste, making it more appealing to even the pickiest eaters. This can be a game-changer for pet owners struggling to find a diet that their dogs genuinely enjoy.

4) Nutrient Dense

Because of how it's made, oven-baked pet food is about 20% denser. That means your pet gets more nutrition in each bite, and you won't need to give them as much to keep them full. Because of the high heat and pressure used to manufacture, extruded pet food often contain more air and less nutrients than the oven-baked dog food. The denseness in oven baked dog food gives a notable advantage for pet parents, as smaller portions are required to satisfy their pets' hunger. Even though oven-baked pet food might seem a bit pricier than other types, a bag of the same weight lasts longer. So, in the end, the cost difference isn't that big, making it a smart choice for your pet's health and your wallet.


Making informed choices about your dog's diet is a crucial aspect of responsible pet ownership. Gently baked oven dog food stands out as a nutritious and palatable option that prioritizes the well-being of your furry friend. From preserving nutrient integrity to supporting digestive health and beyond, this innovative method of preparation ensures that your canine companion receives the best in every bite.


At Freshwoof, we take pride in crafting premium oven-baked dog food that goes beyond the ordinary to provide your pets with nourishing and delightful meals. Unlike most (95%) pet food made through extrusion, Freshwoof dry dog food is slow-cooked in the oven at low temperatures. Formulated by the vets and nutritionists of USA and India together Freshwoof Oven baked dog food offers exceptional nutritional value and irresistible taste for your dog, crafted with 100% human-grade ingredients, and none of the nasties like by-products, or artificial colors/ flavours! We offer a hypoallergenic option for dogs with food allergies. We exclude any top allergens for dogs ensuring that every dog can enjoy our nutritious and delicious food without worry. This is particularly beneficial for dogs with sensitive stomachs or those prone to food allergies.


 At Freshwoof, we are committed to providing high-quality nutritious veg dog food that put your dog’s health above all.

  1. Formulated by Veterinary Nutritionists - Freshwoof Plant Power is formulated by a team of experienced Veterinary Nutritionists to contain all the essential nutrients in right amounts and perfect ratios to support your dog’s overall vitality & health.
  2. Premium Plant-Based Ingredient - Our recipes are crafted with a variety of wholesome & human Grade plant-based ingredients. We use fresh vegetables, grains, berries, fruits, and herbs to ensure your dog gets all the necessary nutrients.
  3. Supports Strong Bones & Immunity - Freshwoof is enriched with bone health supporting nutrients like calcium, vitamin D3, vitamin E, Phosphorous, magnesium & manganese.
  4. Enhanced Digestive Health - Packed with fiber, stomach-soothing herbs and natural prebiotics, our veg dog food supports a healthy digestive system, helping to prevent common gut issues like constipation and diarrhea.
  5. Immune System Support - Our formulas are rich in antioxidants and essential vitamins that boost your dog’s immune system, keeping them healthy and vibrant supported with Turmeric, Blueberries, Cranberries, Ashwagandha, Thyme, Ginger, Chamomile and more!
  6. Promotes Healthy Skin and Coat - Our veg dog food includes essential omega fatty acids including DHA, Zinc, Biotin, Selenium and more, promoting a shiny coat and healthy skin.
  7. Delicious and Appetizing - Dogs love the taste of Freshwoof Plant Power! Our recipes are crafted to be flavorful and satisfying, even for the pickiest eaters.
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