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Made out of Love
for Dogs and the Planet
Our Mission
" We believe that all pets deserve the best life possible and that starts with what we put in their bowls. They deserve real food free from preservatives, chemicals, waste products, artificial, hormones, and antibiotics. We also have faith in the fact that in the process of making our pets healthy we should not create a life of suffering for other animals or damage our only home, our planet. Plant-based diet is a better way to feed our dogs and that the positive choices we all make, no matter how small, can have a great impact on our pet’s health and the health of our planet. Our mission is to introduce more ethical, eco-friendly, and plantbased consumable alternatives for pets which can help lower the burden on the planet and help save billions of animals from suffering and painful deaths while prioritising the health of our pets "

Team Freshwoof

Our Promise

High Quality & Human-Grade Ingredients

You could eat it with a fork.


Sustainable Ingredients Sourcing

That’s better for our planet


Cruelty Free Approach

No testing on animals, NEVER !


Minimal Processing

Whole foods, gently cooked to preserve nutrients.


No Chemicals & Preservatives

Big NO to chemicals, preservatives, by-products & artificial


Vet-Approved recipes

Contains all the nutrients your dog needs

Reach us

Urban Tails Private Limited

6th Floor, UDB Corporate Tower 2,
Malvia Nagar, Jaipur (302017)

+91 8608601196